The 6 Common Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won’t Start

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Whether you do your laundry multiple times a week or once every couple of weeks, washing machines are prone to having minor issues, which might be the reason why your washing machine isn’t starting. It can be frustrating when you don’t know what’s wrong with the appliances in your home, which is why at Appliance 858, our team brainstormed the 6 common reasons why your washing machine won’t start, and what you’ll need to do to fix or repair it.

1.  Check the Power Plug & Breaker

Out of the 6 common reasons why your washing machine won’t start, the number one cause is most likely because it doesn’t have any power! Your first solution is checking behind the washing machine to make sure the power plug is plugged in. The second option is to see if a breaker has been flipped and should be flipped back to its respective direction. However, if these quick solutions don’t fix your washing machine issues, speak to one of our Appliance 858 technicians who can assist you with all of your washer and dryer problems.

2. Look for Broken Knobs & Shafts

Washing machine knobs are small and made out of plastic, allowing your washing machine to run smoothly. If a knob is cracked, old, or dirty, the knob can quickly fail to activate the switch which turns on the washing machine. You can take off these knobs and clean them or inspect them for any breaks and ensure they are working correctly.

3. Test the Lid or Door Switch

Your washing machine has sensors that let it know when it’s running and when it’s not. If your washing machine thinks that the lid or door is open when it’s not, it won’t start. Make sure to check under the cover to see if the sensor tab is broken or faulty. Reach out to Appliance 858 for any home appliance maintenance or repairs.

4. Faulty Start Switch or Timer

One issue that can be more challenging is if you have a faulty start switch or timer on your washing machine. The start switch begins your washing machine, and the timer controls when each laundry cycle starts and stops. With older washing machines, the start switch and timer can be replaced at the same time simply by removing the backplate of the top control panel. If you’re looking to repair your washing machine, call one of our Appliance 858 technicians!

5. Broken Washer Motor

If you have a broken washer motor, then it will need professional repair. Luckily, our expert team members at Appliance 858 can assist you with any washing machine repairs or replacements! You can quickly tell when you have a broken washer motor just by listening to it. If there are loud sounds and an irregular motor movement, it indicates that your washer’s motor is failing.

6. Shorted Main Control Board

The final telltale sign out of the 6 common reasons your washing machine won’t start is because of a shorted main control board. The main control board is where all the wires and the multiple controls and components are located. Older washing machines have pretty simple control boards, whereas newer ones have tiny computers that run the washer. If your main control board has short-circuited, the machine will be completely dead or light up with no other response.

How We Can Help

Trying to figure out what’s wrong with your appliances and then attempting to fix them can be a long and stressful process. Let our professional technicians at Appliance 858 assist you with any home appliance repairs or replacements. To schedule a service appointment, go online to our website or email us at today! If you have any questions or concerns about your dishwasher or other appliances, feel free to give us a call at (858) 277-5426 and speak to one of our technicians!

6 reasons why your washing machine wont start


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