Built in Refrigerator Repair

Built in Refrigerator Repair


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Built in Refrigerator Repair

At 858 Appliance, we specialize in repairing built-in refrigerators. We have over 15 years of combined experience to bring you the knowledge and professionalism you expect when fixing your high-end appliances. Replacing a built-in appliance is very costly, your #1 option should be repair.
Built-in refrigerators are designed to be flush with your cabinets and blend in seamlessly with your kitchen appliances and design. Due to this design, pulling your built-in refrigerator out to repair can be a daunting task. The techs at 858 Appliance are used to these types of repairs and can get your built-in refrigerator back up and running in no time.

Most built-in refrigerators are more high end than the traditional refrigerators you see in homes. Because of their cost many homeowners assume that they’ll never break down and when they do, they have no idea where to turn.  You need a company you can trust. 

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