Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops

We all love eating out, but not because the oven, range, stove, or cooktop in the family kitchen has stopped operating properly.  When your oven or range fails it can be inconvenient, frustrating and costly at dinner time.  Oven performance problems impact quality time with your family and cost your extra money in expensive meals out.  Our expert technicians can quickly resolve even the most complicated of oven or range problems.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems we can help: The burner won’t come on; the burner is too hot regardless of temperature setting; the indicator light stays on; the oven door is stuck; the self-cleaning is not working; the baker or broiler is not working; the oven is heating inaccurately or poorly.

We specialize in the diagnosis and maintenance of gas and electric ovens, stove tops and ranges, and can quickly identify issues and provide effective solutions for repairs of thermostats, temperature sensors, gaskets, heating elements, burners, igniters, switches, valves, relays, bake igniters, spark electrodes, spark modules, ignition wires, safety valves, controller boards, dials, self-cleaning latches, thermocouples.

Don’t let kitchen appliance problems impact your life any longer than absolutely necessary.  Call us for same day service and we will get you back in top operating condition as quickly as possible.  Learn more about 858Appliances here.  And call us right away!


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