How To Tell If Your Washer or Dryer Needs Servicing

How To Tell If Your Washer or Dryer Needs Servicing

Is it hard to watch movies or relax because the sound of your washer or dryer is overpowering your home? While some issues are no more than a slight annoyance, other problems call for repair. If you’re wondering how to tell if your washer or dryer needs servicing, we’re here to help! There are some common problems to look out for and some that are impossible to ignore. It’s best to get to the problem early and fix it before it gets worse or completely shuts down on you, leaving you stranded with a pile of dirty clothes and a broken appliance. Here are the signs that it’s time to call an appliance repair specialist!

Your Washer or Dryer is Getting Louder

While all of your appliances will make some noise while they’re in use, there may be something wrong if your washer or dryer is louder than usual. We should mention that a rumbling or banging sound may simply indicate that the load is imbalanced. In this case, all you have to do is take the clothes out and rearrange them. However, if your washer or dryer is regularly making a lot of noise and you’ve ruled out a load imbalance, it’s likely something more serious. We may need to come and adjust the motor mount or dryer drum. If you hear a grinding sound, it’s something you’ll want to get fixed soon because it means some of the internal parts are stripped.

There’s Water Leaking

If you notice a puddle of water accumulating around your washer, there are many possible explanations. Water leakage can be caused by overflow, seal failure, damaged water supply hose, or a cracked tub. Regardless of the reason, you’ll want to get this problem fixed before it makes a mess. Unfortunately, you can’t ignore leaks as they’ll worsen over time.

The Machine Isn’t Spinning

When the drum doesn’t spin, it’s most likely an issue with the door switch, belt, or lid. You’ll want to keep an eye out to determine if the washer is spinning or not because it can still fill and drain water as usual. This will cause your clothes to sit in the water, which doesn’t properly clean them.

Your Laundry Appliances Are Moving Too Much

While your washer and dryer not moving indicates a problem, your appliances moving too much is also a bad sign. Loose components might be causing your machine to move around your laundry room. If you notice they’re not staying in place, it can be a problem because they can risk damaging the surrounding area as well as disconnecting the hose. This can break important electrical and plumbing connections. Additionally, disconnecting from the hose will lead to water leaks in washers or, worse, toxic exhaust fumes from a gas dryer.

The Washing Machine Won’t Fill or Empty

When your washing machine doesn’t fill before the cycle or empty after, it can be due to many problems from mechanical to sensory errors. While some people recommend taking out part of the load and repeating the cycle until the water drains, this might not be a great idea. It may put a strain on the damaged components, further harming the machine. There’s likely some kind of a blockage, such as a broken pump or clogged filter. A giveaway that it’s not filling all the way is that your clothes don’t seem clean or have detergent stains on them after cycles.

You Have No Idea What’s Wrong

Maybe you haven’t noticed any warning signs, but you can tell your washer or dryer isn’t working as well as it used to. This can be a little more tricky because we’ll have to diagnose the problem before we can start fixing it. Thankfully, our team of technicians have 15+ years of individual experience in the industry and will get your washer up and running in no time!

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