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Freezers aren’t just for keeping the ice cream cold! A functional freezer allows you the flexibility and freedom to makes meals in advance, prepare for special occasions and save food.  They allow your family to take advantage of economical food preparation and storage.  Your freezer saves you money and prevents food borne illness by operating at temperature range of zero degrees fahrenheit or lower.  Keeping your freezer operating well ensures safe food storage and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.  Regular servicing can keep your freezer in top shape for many years to come, but if problems arise our expert technicians are skilled at diagnosing and repairing a broad range of freezer issues.

A freezer that is overcooling can create unwanted frost.  If you notice frost in or on the pipes in your freezer, you could have a problem.  A freezer that is not cooling properly or consistently could lead to food spoilage and illness. A freezer with defective or damaged door seals can cause unnecessary energy waste.  A freezer that makes strange noises or clunks could have a compressor or engine issue.  A freezer that won’t turn on could have an electrical issue.  858Appliance can help with the diagnosis and repair of any freezer issue.

We are experts in the repair of all type of freezers, from uprights to chest freezers, drawer freezers and refrigerator/freezer combos.  Don’t wait until you have a freezer full of spoiled food  When your freezer goes out the clock starts ticking on potentially hundreds of dollars worth of food.  Learn more about 858Appliances here. And call us right away!

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