Warning Signs that Your Appliance Is in Need of Repairs

Warning Signs that Your Appliance Is in Need of Repairs

Your appliances will let you know when it is time to get a service call. Here are the top indicators that one of your appliances needs a little TLC.

  • It won’t start – This is the most obvious problem. If you can’t get a washer, dryer, oven, or range top to turn on, there is clearly something wrong. Or an appliance like the refrigerator may suddenly stop working.
  • It’s not working right – There are plenty of indicators that your appliances are simply not working the way that they used to. For example, the refrigerator may still turn on, but it isn’t keeping food cold enough. Or your dryer may still turn on, but the clothes take twice as long to dry as they used to.
  • Your utility bills have spiked – An appliance that is struggling may also be a bigger draw on your electricity. You may also be using more gas or water depending on which appliance is on the fritz and what utilities it is attached to.

Get the Help You Need When an Appliance Needs Repairs in the San Diego Area

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