How to Get that Smell Out of Your Washing Machine

How to Get that Smell Out of Your Washing Machine

Your clothes may come out of the washing machine nice and clean, but the only smell coming from the machine itself may be a musty stink. What causes a washing machine to smell and how can you get rid of it?

Why the Washer Smells

Bacteria grows inside your washing machine. It may be gross to think about, but this is what happens when you combine water with any fabric softener or detergent that is leftover in the machine and coating gaskets or other porous surfaces. What you are smelling is the decay of these microorganisms.

Removing That Washer Smell

There are a few things that might help clear up a smelly washer:

  • Run your last wash of the day on hot water instead of cold. Washing with cold water saves some money, but it leaves more residue.
  • Use the right detergent. This is especially important if you have a high-efficiency
  • Increase airflow by removing your laundry as soon as the wash is done. Unless you are putting in another load right away, leave the washer door open.

When You Need Washer or Dryer Repairs in Southern California

Whether you are located in San Diego or any of the surrounding communities like Oceanside or Escondido, 858 Appliances is here to help. Smells are one thing, but if your washer is leaking or simply isn’t working, you need the help of a professional repair person. Call 858-277-5426 to get emergency assistance for your appliances, or you can schedule a service online.

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