Tips for Keeping Your Dryer Safe and Functional

Tips for Keeping Your Dryer Safe and Functional

When your clothes come out of the washing machine, you may throw them right in the dryer without even thinking about the potential hazards. Here are some tips to keep your dryer safe and to ensure that it remains functional for many years to come.

  • Empty the lint trap – You should do this every time you use your dryer. Whether you clean it out as soon as you are done or check it before you put the next load in, the key is that you remember to do it every time. This will put less strain on your dryer.
  • Clean the dryer duct – You can do this yourself or hire someone to do it, but you should really have your dryer duct checked once a year. A clogged duct is a fire hazard, and even if a fire never occurs, it ruins your machine’s efficiency. If your clothes come out of the dryer still wet, a clogged duct could be the problem.
  • Have your appliances professionally checked and maintained – The dryer is not a place to mess around. You want a professional to make sure it is vented properly and working optimally so that you save money and avoid hazards.

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