Maintenance Tips for the Stove Top and Oven

Maintenance Tips for the Stove Top and Oven

Your oven and stove are an investment that should last you for years. Are there some simple maintenance procedures you can perform on your own to ensure your appliances last longer and are safer to use? Here are a few quick maintenance tips for your stove top and oven.

  • Wipe down the exterior after use – This will keep food and grease off of the stove. Don’t forget to wipe down the knobs.
  • Clean burners and grates – You can soak these in hot, soapy water to loosen debris before scrubbing to make your job a little easier.
  • Use the self-cleaning option properly – Be sure to consult the oven manual.
  • Clean the inside of the oven manually – If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, you should clean it manually at least once per season. A degreasing agent is preferable, but you can use hot, soapy water if you clean it regularly.
  • Clean the hood fan filter – This usually requires soaking in a degreasing agent or hot, soapy water. Make sure you rinse the filter thoroughly and dry it out before replacing it in the hood.

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